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Property Specialist

Detroit, MI, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Provides support in required areas of Property. Follows policies and procedures in accordance with DOL. Key Responsibilities • Composes routine and general type correspondence based on warehouse activities and Center activities.
• Receives all vendor deliveries to the Center, records the transaction and ensures accurate distribution.
• Contact directors to relay information from the property office.
• Devises, modifies, and maintains comprehensive filing system of all transactions.
• Assists supervisor with receiving of new equipment and places proper identifying decals.
• Maintains accurate records for all property and warehouse inventory.
• Distributes supplies to staff and maintains accountability.
• Attends meetings, prepares, and distributes minutes of these meetings.
• Keeps record of all reports sent and ensures they are mailed on proper date and develops tickler system to ensure timely submission of responses requested from DOL.
• Complies with all DOL guidelines, regulations, notices and bulletins, and Center policies and procedures.
• Maintains good housekeeping in all areas and complies with safety practices.
• Models, mentors, monitors appropriate Career Success Standards.
• Participation in mandated staff training is mandatory.

About the Company

The RFC Group LLC proudly serves as a resolve to office administrative needs. Our mission is two-fold: we take strides to provide that missing component to streamline, organize and navigate business organizations into the next phase of success. Additionally, we endeavor to bring hope to displaced workers by placing each individual on a path to a lasting career.

“The RFC Group is a recruitment center whose core focus is to ensure talent is placed into long-term positions. Amidst placement, we endeavor to minimize any barriers or blockades the candidates may be experiencing, put a plan of action in place and help present before our clients a better version of the talent. We recognize through past personal experience; individuals cannot give 100 percent of themselves if they are operating on 90 percent hardship.”
- Deondra Parks, CEO/President of The RFC Group LLC


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